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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Blond, The Bitch, and The Wardrobe Part 38 Finished

Even though it seemed to Nats that her torment was never ending, and even though several people ended up pressing buttons on the panel or personally tormenting her, the queue never shortened. In fact, as time went on, the number of people waiting to torture the captive grew, and the long haired dominatrix went through a curtain to the right of the poor girl. Is the entire female population of England out there?

“This is taking forever.” one of the people in the queue said. “It’s a pity that you only have one of these set up.”

“Actually, we are preparing another device for you to have fun with, as we anticipated this situation.” said the short haired woman. “As soon as my partner pulls the curtain back, you can have fun with the new woman and the same instructions apply.”

Mistress Adele must have had someone else captured as well. I wonder which young lady has to suffer in the same way as myself.

There was the sound of a curtain being pulled back, and the long haired lady said “This is the second slave that can be tormented with the mini dungeon. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.” Several women stepped forwards, went behind the curtain, and the laughter and screams of another woman soon echoed Nats’s own.

You seem to be suffering as much as I am. It was then that Nats realised why the queue was growing longer, as she spotted six sixth form school uniforms amongst the normal clothing. Has school finished early today, or are they playing truant?

“Shall we pull the side curtain back?” said the short haired lady. “After all, misery loves company.”

“Yes, that would be fun, and I really want to see the looks on their faces.” Said the long-haired lady as she gripped the partition curtain and pulled it back.

Nats eyes went as wide as saucers as she looked at her mother! Mum wasn’t looking too happy at what was happening to her and she glared at her daughter. Adele lied to me! She said that I would be the only person who had to do this! That’s why mum was kidnapped as well, they knew that two people would be needed and this was probably planned as soon as my mother was contacted.

The long haired woman smiled at Nats. “We realised that we would need two slaves for today so that we could keep up demand, which meant that your mother was delivered to us as well. We set her up first, and warned her to keep quiet while we prepared you. I must say that you two make a very kinky pair. Don’t worry about you two being set free, as that will happen after the show is over.”

Nats struggled in her bonds, but she was as securely restrained as her suffering mother. As their torment continued, the girl noticed that the younger ladies and the schoolgirls tended to tease her mother, while the more mature ladies favoured the younger captive. Is this some kind of age reversal thing? Am I the naughty daughter being punished, and Mum suffering some kind if surrogate revenge in exchange for their own mother?

This was partially confirmed when there was a group of six sixth-formers gathered around her mother. The girls were dressed in white blouse and black tights, and they wore green skirts, ties and blazers. “I just wish that my mum was in this, so that I could have some fun with her.”

“We all do.” said one of the others. “Just think, if we bought one of these and stuck our mothers in it, we could have anything we want after five minutes.”

“Speak for yourself.” another girl said “My mother would probably enjoy it, even after five hours. I would have to stop it to make her give me what I want.”

At this, the other girls laughed and continued to torture the older captive. That does explain why mum is a target for the younger ladies, but is the reverse true for me? As the day went on, Nats still seemed to attract the older visitors, which indicated that she was being punished for misdeeds that were performed by others. Just how long is this going to continue for…

“Please note that the Erotic Exhibition is closing in ten minutes, and the public are requested to vacate the area.” Nats and her mother were still struggling from their torments, but the two cat suited ladies persuaded any remaining visitors to leave before they pulled the curtains around the captives and switched the machines to random actions.

The two captors walked up to Mum and switched her mini dungeon off, before unbuckling the straps that held the woman to the machine. “Your ordeal is now ended, Mum. Your clothing has been cleaned and it is in the white bag.” The long haired lady said.

“Thank you.” Mum said as she stood in the nude before the women.

“Shall we free your daughter?” Asked the captor with the short hair.

“I’ll free her. You two go and get yourselves a drink, while I unstrap my daughter and get dressed.”

“Thank you, we’ll be back in half an hour.” Said the two ladies, and they left through a gap in the curtains.

Mum opened the bag and first put on her white panties and bra, as Nats still struggled in her torment. Mum! Get me out of here! You can’t get dressed while I’m naked, bound, gagged and strapped to this device. Mum put on her white shoes and summer dress, and then she walked in front of her daughter.

“Really Nats, did you think that this would be over once I was free? You will be released by the ladies when they get back. I want this to be a punishment for your actions in getting us both kidnapped. If you hadn’t been so foolish as to get taken prisoner on the Monday, we wouldn’t have had to go through today’s ordeal.”

Nats pleaded through her gag at her mother. You can’t leave me in this device, I’ve already suffered enough for this week. Please let me out!

Mum smiled. “You will be released in thirty minutes time, so it’s not that much extra and I’m sure that you can endure it.”

Nats screamed out as the phallus thruster started up at random, which meant that it wouldn’t be long before she would orgasm again. Please mum, you know what this is doing to me. Shut it off!

“Poor daughter, still ashamed of having orgasms in front of me. I would have thought that you would be used to it after these past two days.”

Nats gave a long scream as another orgasm was forced on her body, and she shook her head and pleaded after she recovered, but Mum just stared and smiled at her predicament. Eventually, the two captors returned, switched off the machine that Nats was attached to, and the girl was finally released.

Nats was handed a bag which contained her clothing and items, and the girl dressed silently, as she was trying to remember that last time that she actually spoke.

“Here’s a contact number, if you ever want our services again.” The long haired captor handed a card to Mum, which she promptly put in her purse. “There is a limousine to take you two home, and the money will be transferred into your accounts in a week’s time.”

The girl remained silent as she and her mother were led to the vehicle. At least the ordeal is over now, and we won’t have to suffer any more. I just hope that Mum doesn’t punish me for getting her into trouble.

The events of the day had been tiring, so the two passengers dozed until they had nearly reached home. As the car pulled up to the house, Nats said “I’m in trouble for this, aren’t I, Mum?”

“Yes, and I will have to work out a suitable punishment for you, but I feel as if I need to rest for a week after the ordeal of these two days. Let’s wait for a week before I do anything, as I may just drop the matter.”

The chauffer opened the doors of the limousine, the two ladies exited and then made their way into the home…

It was Saturday morning, a month later, and Nats had just finished in the bathroom when she heard her mother calling.

“Nats, could you come down please? I’ve made you a cup of tea.” Mum said from the kitchen.

The girl made her way downstairs without putting any clothing on, as it seemed pointless to conceal their bodies from each other after their experience at the hands of Adele. I’m glad that Mum has decided not to punish me, as I was really worried for the first fortnight. she entered the kitchen, sat down at the table, and started to sip her drink.

“Do you have anything planned for this weekend, Mum? I know that my girlfriend is coming over until Monday morning.” Nats asked.

“Yes Nats, my girlfriend is coming over, and she is staying for the weekend.” Mum answered.

Nats started to feel drowsy as she talked with her mother. That’s weird, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed when I woke up this morning, but I’m tired again. She sipped some more of her tea as Mum spoke of probably spending the next two days tied up.

“Are you okay Nats, you seem to be falling asleep?” Mum asked as the girl closed her eyes.

“I just seem to be a bit tired, mum, maybe I woke up too early this morning.” Nats answered.

“Just rest here then, I’ll clean up the breakfast stuff.” Mum said as she took the cups off the table. Nats rested her placed her arms on the table, rested her head on her arms and fell asleep…

“MMGGGMM!” Nats cried out as she felt a pain in each nipple. What is happening? Those felt like nipple clamps! I can’t move, and I’m gagged! The helpless girl opened her eyes, and stared in shock at the full length mirror. I’m strapped into the mini-dungeon again! OMG, Mum, you must have drugged me and done this to me!

“I’m glad to see that you are awake, my devilish daughter.” Mum stepped out from behind the mirror with her hands behind her back, facing her daughter. “I hadn’t forgotten about your punishment, I just let you think that I had. That way, it would be a real shock when it happens. You are to spend Saturday and Sunday in that contraption, with your only release being for occasional breaks and sleep.”

You’re not going to torture me yourself, surely? You must be bluffing, as I can feel the phallus thruster inside me. Nats looked at her mum in a disbelieving manner, showing that she was in denial of this.

“My naughty Nats, I’m not going to use the machine on you, as I’m a bit tied up at the moment.” Mum turned around, opened her mouth wide, and Nats saw that her arms were bound together at the wrists and elbows. Mum’s girlfriend stepped out from behind the mirror, and buckled a large red ball-gag onto the helpless woman’s face.

“I will be busy with your mother for the weekend, Nats. When she told me of her plan, I agreed with it on the condition that she obtained the second machine and it is put in her bedroom, so that I can play with her. I will come down and play with you sometimes as well, so expect no mercy. A camera feed has been set up so that your torment can be watched from the bedroom, and your torturer has been warned that if she does not do her job properly, she will be placed in the upstairs machine. I’m sure that she will do her job well.” By this time, Mum was moaning as she was caressed all over by her captor.

“We’ll leave you now, as we are going to have a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself.” Mum was led out of the room by her friend, leaving Nats alone in the device.

I’m sure that they’re still bluffing. After all, where’s my torturer.

“Hi Nats. What on earth have to gotten yourself into? I’ll help you out of it.” Said a familiar voice.

It’s my friend! She’ll get me out of this. Nats begged through her gag as her friend approached her. The girl placed her hand on the straps as if to release her, but then she stopped. What are you waiting for, it’s only four straps.

The girl pulled back and smiled, and Nats suddenly had a dreadful feeling. “Guess what my job is for the weekend, Nats?” The girl asked as she picked up the device and waved it in front of the captive.

OMG, you’re my torturer! I’m going to have to endure the weekend at your hands!

“Now Nats, which button shall I press first?” Nats shook her head and begged as the girl’s thumb pressed down on the device, initiating a weekend of torment.

The End.

The Blond, The Bitch, and The Wardrobe Part 37

“MMGGGMM!” Nats awoke with her mother’s toes still in her mouth, and the girl squirmed as she heard the dawn chorus I must have spent the night bound and gagged on the lawn, which meant I must have been more tired than I thought.

“Wakey, wakey, rise and shine.” Adele said.

Nats felt the unlocking of the chain to her ankles, and she was able to remove her toes from her mother’s mouth. There was a click at her neck and Mum’s toes slipped out from between Nats’s teeth. Thank goodness that this part is over, and we will be free if Mistress Adele keeps her word. The sleep mask was removed, Nats blinked a few times as she got used to the light, and she looked up at Adele who was in her swimsuit.

“I want to get you sorted out before breakfast, and then I can deal with your mother.” Adele lifted Nats up into a standing position, took a strip of white microfoam tape and used it to seal the captive’s mouth. As the girl was being gagged, she saw that Mum was still wearing her sleep mask. “She will remain here while I shower you and get you cleaned up for today. Now, hop to the open back door and to the bottom of the stairs.”

The woman picked up the items and placed them in the bag as Nats hopped towards the house. As the girl slowly made her way towards the house, she noticed that Adele was walking behind her. “Hurry up girl, we haven’t got all day, and you have a special task ahead of you.”

“MMMM!” Nats squealed again as a second blow landed on her bottom, and she made quicker hops so as to save herself from any more spanks. Soon, she had passed through the back door and quickly made her way to the bottom of the stairs, where she stood with her back to the stair lift.

“Sit down.” Adele ordered. Nats complied and she was soon taken up to the next floor of the house. The girl was made to hop into one of the rooms, where she was given a bathroom break before being taken into one of the showers. Adele carefully washed the girl’s hair, cleaned her body in the shower and the captive was dried off and had her hair brushed thoroughly.

Mistress Adele must be scrubbing me up for a reason, but I have no idea why. Maybe she’ll tell me later.

“You need to stand up and hop to the stairs again.” Adele said. Nats did so and she was taken down to the ground floor. “Hop to the living room in front of the settee.” Again, the helpless girl obeyed the instructions of her captor and she made her way to the settee. “I’m going to lie you on the floor, hogtie you, and clean up your mother. That means that you have to wear the hood again.”

Nats nodded and Adele laid her face down on the floor, before taking a chain and padlock out of the bag. The girl’s legs were bent at the knees, the chain was wrapped around her wrist and ankle bonds, and a familiar click showed that the ends were padlocked together. A hood was taken out of the bag, placed over Nats’s head and secured into position, cutting off all sound and vision to the captive.

There’s not much I can do like this, so I’ll try to relax as best I can before breakfast. Nats tried to get into as comfortable a position as she could, and then rested on the floor…

The girl was roused from her dozing state as she was lifted up and put into a kneeling position, her hood was removed, and she stared into the face of her mother whose mouth was also taped shut.

Adele pulled the tape from the captive’s mouths, sat down on the settee, and picked up a bowl of cereal. “I’m going to give you each a spoonful at a time, and then a sip of water. Please remember not to speak, otherwise your meal will end.” The woman offered a spoonful of cereal to Mum, who accepted it, and one was given to Nats. Each captive had a sip of water from a bottle, and the cycle was repeated until breakfast was finished.

Adele took the bottle and bowl into the kitchen, and wheeled in a chest that Nats recognised it as being the same type that was used to contain her mother. That was used as a mini prison yesterday, and I guess that is for one of us.

The chest was taken up to the helpless ladies and opened up, showing the two lockable ball-gags which were then used to gag Nats and her mother. “Now Nats, I have a proposal for you. I need someone for a special show in front of a few people and I think that you are perfect for it. Please note that if you refuse me, not only will you remain captive, but your mother will have to go in your place and be returned afterward. If you accept, both you and Mum will be released and there will be money put into your account for services rendered.”

So, if I refuse, the show goes ahead with mum ‘starring’ and we remain captive. If I agree, we go free afterwards. There’s not much of a choice with this situation. Nats nodded her head in compliance.

“Good, Nats. All I have to do is get you boxed up and taken to the show.” Adele picked up the hood off the floor, placed it over Nats’s head and then locked it into place.

The girl found herself half-carried and then laid down onto a firm surface. I must be in the box. I’m going to have to be patient, as it could take some time to get to the destination. It seemed as is several minutes had passed before Nats felt the movement of the chest that she was held in. I wonder what would happen if the police find us. It could cause major problems for Adele, or for whoever’s driving.

The wheeling along the ground stopped, and then there was a small vertical movement, followed by another horizontal drag. I must be in a van or lorry by now and in a minute I shall be on my way. Nats felt vibrations through the box, which indicated that the engine of the vehicle had started up, and a jolt meant that she was travelling to the destination.

I might as well try to relax, as I could be in here for a while. The captive laid her head on the floor, and tried to get as comfortable as possible…

Nats was roused from her half-asleep state when the chest was pulled along the floor of the vehicle, and she was lowered to the ground. I must be at the location, so I will soon find out what is planned for me.

“Hello, Nats, we are in charge of you now. Please note that any disobedience will get your mother into trouble, so it would be wise of you to behave. By the way, we are the Dominatrix Duo.”

The girl found herself being lifted up as hands took hold of her chains. The chest must have been opened, but I had no sensation of it. The hogtie chain was removed, and the captive was finally able to stretch out her legs after the journey. The chains that bound her arms to her body at the chest and waist were unlocked and unwound, and the girl realised that she was most probably going to be restrained in some other way.

“You are going to be placed on a table that is the size of your torso. If you struggle while we are setting you up, you will most likely fall off.” Nats was lifted up and laid face down on what seemed to be a plastic surface, with her legs over one side.

The chains around her legs were removed, and her legs were bent at the knees so that her heels pressed against her bottom. Nats’s upper legs felt as if it was placed against a table leg, a strap was taken around her right thigh and ankle, and then it was tightened, restricting the movement of her leg. Her left leg was placed in a similar position, and restrained with another strap.

The girl’s hands were freed of the chain which bound them, and she offered no resistance as her arms were put against some more legs, bent at the elbows, and a strap was taken around each upper arm and wrist. I have no means of movement, even if I do struggle as my arms and legs are frogtied and strapped down. Something special must be planned for me if I’m to be restrained like this. There is something unusual about this table, as my breasts are hanging free which means that there must be a hole made especially for them.

“We’re going to place some sensors on your feet and sides, Nats, so do not be alarmed if you feel anything cold.” The girl noticed that there were three pads placed on her right and left sides, and one pad was attached to the soles of each foot.

They seem unusual for sensors, but as I have only experienced Mistress Adele’s, I don’t have much to work from.

“Your hood is to be removed, and you are to keep your eyes closed until we put a blindfold on you.” Nats felt the zip pulled up at the back of her head, and she closed her eyes so that she wouldn’t put herself in a worse situation. The hood was pulled off, a blindfold was placed over her eyes, and the captive could hear murmurings in front of her.

It sounds like there are a few people out there, so Mistress Adele must have arranged for me to be part of a little show.

“We are going to exchange your gag, so keep your mouth open very wide.” The captive parted her lips as much as she could, the ball-gag was removed, and a bulbous ball which seemed to be part of a strapped muzzle gag was fitted onto her face.

What are you going to do to me next? Nats yelped into her gag as something was pushed into her intimacy, and she struggled helplessly against the embarrassment of her penetration. You’ve shoved that right up into me, and It’s as though there’s no room left! The girl grew even more worried as what felt like a leather strap was laid across her bottom. You can’t be planning to put something inside me there as well! After minute, the helpless girl relaxed as nothing new was introduced to her bottom, and she sighed with relief.

“MMMGGGMMM!” A clamp was attached to Nats’s right nipple, and there was a second scream as another clamp was squeezed onto the nipple of her left breast. OW! I knew that it was too good to be true, it looks like another painful day for me.

“I’m taking your blindfold off, Nats, so you can see. After all, this isn’t going to be as much fun with you blindfolded.” Nats’s blindfold was removed, and the girl was shocked by her situation.

As Nats looked down, she saw a tube run from her gag to a box that was underneath the table she was strapped to. [i[OMG, it must be a pump gag! Next, the girl noticed that the chains from her nipple clamps disappeared into a hole in the box, along with some wires which were most likely connected to the sensors on her sides and feet. I can’t see what you have stuffed into me, or what’s on my bottom!

As she looked back up, she saw the black curtains that surrounded her, and a lightly overcast sky above the rails. I’m outside! This isn’t indoors, where am I? Nats’s question was answered a moment later, via public speakers.

“Good morning ladies, may I thank you for attending the first Women’s Erotic Exhibition at Trafalgar square! We have plenty of items to show you, but we’ll start with the number one exhibit, the Mini-Dungeon!”

The curtain in front of Nats was pulled back and the girl wished that the ground would open up and swallow her as she saw the huge crowd, along with the camera woman and the presenter. She saw a large screen in the distance with her in the middle. OMG, everyone can see me like this!

The two women that Nats heard earlier now stepped forward on either side of her. They seemed to have identical features, except that the lady on the right had long, straight, black hair, and the other on the left had a bob haircut with a fringe, with her hair also black. The two women wore black PVC cat suits and matching stiletto high heels.

The blond haired presenter, who was dressed in a pink latex mini dress with matching calf length boots, said “That looks like a wonderful contraption, how does it work?”

 Long hair stepped forward to a panel in front of the machine. “There’s a panel at the front, but we also have a remote control device, which will be a better option for the home user. The first option is what we call ‘The Breathtaker’. It controls the inflatable gag in the captive’s mouth. You can inflate it to various levels, like just making breathing difficult at first.” the woman pressed a button on the panel, moved a slider up, and Nats discovered that the gag had grown in her mouth, making it hard for her to breath, and she struggled in her bonds.

“That’s very useful.” the presenter said “Is that the limit though?”

“Oh no.” Long said. “It can go all the way up to maximum. Just watch.” The slider was moved to the end, and Nats found that the palate at the back of her mouth was sealed, which blocked her airway. The girl went into an uncontrollable struggle as panic set in, and she wondered if she would end up falling unconscious.

Please, don’t let it happen to me! The girls struggles grew as her chest heaved for air.

The presenter looked a little concerned “Isn’t this dangerous, leaving her in this state?” She asked.

“Not at all.” Short hair said. “Just watch closely.”

By this time, Nats struggles weakened as her oxygen diminished, and a moment later, there were three beeps from the panel as her gag deflated. Short spoke again “There is a safety feature built into the device. It prevents asphyxiation of the slave, as no one wants to see her come to any real harm.”

“I notice that your slave is wearing nipple clamps, is that part of the device as well?” Asked the presenter.

“Yes, that’s the clamp constrictor.” Short answered as she pressed a button on the panel. Nats screamed as her nipples were cruelly pulled by the chain moving into the box below. “This torment can be changed in intensity as well.” Short moved the slider up and the captive screamed even louder as the pull became stronger.

The presenter moved around to Nats’s left side, and the display clearly showed the small pads on her side and foot. “Do those serve any purpose?” She asked, pointing to the pads.

“Those not only check breathing and heart rate, they are tickle and torture devices.” Long said. “I’ll show you them in action.” The woman leaned over and pressed another button on the panel.

Nats screamed with laughter as it seemed as if an army of ticklers were assaulting her sides and feet, and she struggled uncontrollably again in her bonds, but her scream changed as another button was pressed ,which made it seemed as if little electric shocks were being delivered to her. The button was pressed again and the sensations stopped.

They weren’t joking when they called this the ‘Mini-Dungeon’, and they haven’t finished with me yet.

What is that strap? The one that leaves the hole that is under her stomach, and is looped around her backside.” The presenter asked, and Nats had a close up view of the leather band over her bottom.

Short spoke. “That is ‘The Spanker’ which doesn’t require any imagination as to its function. It shoots out and back in at a great speed, which exerts quite a blow on the bottom.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun.” said the presenter as she looked at the panel. “Can I have a go at it?”

“Press button 5 on the panel.” said the short haired woman. “Each time you press the button, a spank is delivered.”

Oh great, now I’m going to be tortured by the presenter. It’s not enou-.

“MMGGMM!” screamed the captive as her bottom was spanked by the presenter. The button was pressed five more times, causing Nats to cry out as the pain radiated from her cheeks.

The performer stopped after the sixth press. “I could do this all day, but I think that your slave will need a minute to recover. What’s number six do, by the way?”

Long stepped up to the presenter. “That one powers the ‘Phallus Thruster’ and it is used to ‘entertain the slave.” The camera focused on a shaft that rose from the box that had a horizontal flywheel at the end. There was a crank on the flywheel which was attached to the phallus buried in Nats’s intimacy. “The slider controls the speed which essentially goes from ‘tease’ and goes all the way up to ‘YES!’

The presenter looked longingly at the panel. “May I?” She asked.

Long smiled. “Go ahead.”

Nats shook her head as the presenter pressed the sixth button, but her thoughts were soon occupied as the shaft slid and out of her. The Presenter increased the speed of the device until the captive was fighting against her bonds, and it seemed as if the teasing would never end. This is worse than before, because in a minute I’m going to climax in front of all of these people! The device speeded up even more, and Nats screamed the familiar cry of a women experiencing her orgasm…

The presenter walked up to the cat suited ladies. “I want to thank you for such wonderful entertainment. I will have to check out the other exhibits, but this one has been so much fun, it will take pride of place in the programme “Sex in the City of London” on Sunday night.”

Nats heart sank as she heard the news. All of my friends told me that they will be watching the programme, and they’ll see what has happened to me. She watched The Presenter leave the booth, and wondered what would happen next.

Long stepped up to the front of the booth. “Okay ladies, we’re open for business. Anyone can try out the machine on this slave. I want to tell you that she enjoys having her toes kissed, licked and sucked, so please give her some pleasure as well.”

Nats shook her head and protested as the long queue formed outside the booth, but she knew that it was futile…

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Blond, The Bitch, and The Wardrobe Part 36

Nats lost all track of time as she remained submerged in the swimming pool and she had resigned herself to the present cycles of struggle and orgasm. I’m like a fish on a line, except that the line is under me rather than pulling me to the surface. I hope that mum is managing to cope, but her struggles seem to become more frantic at each passing orgasm. If it gets much worse, she may dislodge her snorkel, and that will lead to a very dangerous situation.

The girl watched as her mother endured another forced orgasm, and the older captive was limp for a few minutes before her struggles started again. I’m feeling weaker after each climax, so mum must be nearly exhausted by now. What! Nats panicked and her struggles went into overdrive as her snorkel was pulled off.

I’m going to drown! HELP! The captive pulled and twisted against her bonds, but this proved to be useless and she knew that her lifespan was going to be a few more minutes. As she expelled the air from her lungs, the girl felt a grip on her chains and her head broke the surface of the water.

As she breathed in deeply, the girl heard a familiar voice. “I hope that you hadn’t forgotten about me. Take some breaths and prepare to go underwater for a minute.” After a minute, Adele released the girl and swam over to her mother, pulling off her snorkel and lifting her to the surface. Nats watched as the woman moved Mum closer to the shallow end before dropping her back into the water.

It was the younger captive’s turn to be lifted up, and she took as many deep breaths as she could as her mistress moved her. When she was released, she discovered that her nose was just under the water, and there was still no chance of breathing by herself. Mum was lifted up and placed at depth where she was finally able to breathe unassisted, and she was quickly followed by her daughter.

“I could prepare you two for staying in the pool all night by tying your hair to your thumbs, which would force your heads back, but I still don’t think that it would be safe. I’ll switch your vibrators off after your next orgasms, so that you can rest for a little while.”

Nats watched as Mum convulsed again as the ecstasy shot through the older woman, and then the younger captive was caught in the bliss of orgasm. When the girl’s reverie had ended, she noticed that her tormentor was no longer buzzing inside her.

“Right, are you two sex-slaves okay like this, because I have to go back inside and get a few things.”

Both of the captives nodded.

“It seems that tonight will be quite warm, so I have decided that you won’t be stuck inside my wardrobe, but you can spend the night out here instead.” Adele left the swimming pool and walked back to the house as the two captives bobbed in the pool.

I wonder what Mistress Adele plans to do with us next. Will she torture us further, pleasure us, or will it be a combination of both. I’m glad that we can have a measure of relaxation before the next period of ‘entertainment’, but it is already starting to get dark, and I wonder how long it will be before we have to get some sleep.

About twenty minutes later, Nats spotted her mistress return from the house with two large sports bags, which she put by the pool. ”I will take you out of the pool in a little while, but I want to have a last piece of water fun first.” Adele dived into the pool and swam up to her captives, taking Mum’s hair in her left hand and Nats’s in her right.

“Time for a dunking.” Nats squealed as the woman pulled on her hair, dragging her head under the surface of the pool. She struggled, but this only added to her discomfort as it made the pull on her hair worse, and it wasn’t long before her chest heaved and she exhaled. The girl’s hair was released, and she lifted her head up to the surface so that she could get some air.

A minute later, her hair was grabbed, the poor captive was dunked again, and her torment was repeated for some time. Finally, Adele released the two bound ladies and swam to the side, picking up a set of keys.

“It’s time to release you from your weights and place you back on the side.” The woman swam under the surface of the pool, and Nats felt some activity at her knees. After a few more seconds, her legs were freed from the weight and she bobbed free in the water. Adele came up for air before she dived back down and Mum moved as the kettlebell was unlocked from her body.

“There we are, no more water peril for you two, and I just have to get you out of the pool.” The woman took hold of Mum and gently swam towards the deep end, where the moveable side was located. The button was pressed, the side lowered, and Mum was pushed onto the temporary shelf so that she was raised to the edge around the pool. Adele got out of the water and positioned the older captive so that she was lying on her front and facing away from the pool before the lady was carried onto the grass.

The captor dived back into the water and swam up to the girl who was relaxing in the pool. “It’s time for my naughty Nats to get dried off.” The woman took hold of her chains and swam to the side, and a minute later, Nats was lying on her front on the grass with her mother to her right.

I wonder what horrible tortures you have in store for us now, Mistress. Nats looked nervous as Adele picked up the two bags, walked over to the helpless women, and put the bags down in front of them. She reached into one of the bags and the girl looked relieved when a large towel was taken out. For a moment there, I thought that you were going to torment us, not dry us off.

“I need to get my slaves nice and dry for the evening, plus your hair needs sorting out.” Adele said as she retrieved a hair brush from the bag, and Nats watched as the woman gently dried her mother’s hair. “If I don’t do this, mummy dearest, your hair will become tangled with knots and I will be a neglectful mistress.” After Adele finished drying Mum’s hair, she went around to the younger captive, and the girl sighed as she felt the touch of the towel on her own head. “It does feel good, having someone dry your hair for you.” Adele said as she finally finished with the towel.

It was Mum’s turn to sigh, as Adele ran the brush through the helpless lady’s hair. “It looks as if there are no tangles in your hair after all, Mum, so this shouldn’t take long.” Brush after careful brush was used to smooth out Mum’s hair, and then the woman moved over to Nats.

“It’s your turn, my sexy slave, so do your best to keep still.” Nats sighed again as the brush went through her hair, and she surrendered to the pleasure of someone else taking care of her.

It feels so good, with you running the brush through my hair, I just hope that the rest of the evening will be just as enjoyable. The girl even writhed as her mistress sorted out her hair.

“You two are such sluts, you even get turned on when someone touches your hair. It is a pity that I have to let go of you two tomorrow, but I promised you your freedom and I will not go back on it. You have given me four wonderful days, Nats, and your slutty mum has been such a treasure today.” Adele went back to Mum. brushed her hair again, and the older slave moaned and writhed.

“See, Mummy’s chained, gagged and naked, and she loves this.” Adele said as she continued with the brushing. The captor swapped between the captives and Nats felt herself becoming quite aroused as time went on.

Adele stopped and walked around to the front of her captives, waving the brush in front of their faces. “You two sluts have been very naughty, obtaining erotic pleasure from the brushing of your hair. I’m afraid that I will have to mete out some punishment for your misbehaviour, and this brush will be the perfect instrument.”

Nats looked puzzled for a moment, but she noticed that her mother was shaking her head, and then it dawned on her. OMG, you’re going to spank us with the brush! Hogtied like this, we are perfectly placed to be punished. The girl shook her head along with her mother’s in protest at the impending smacking.

“Oh please, you both know that you are such sluts that you even orgasm when I punish you, so why are you protesting? All I am doing is giving you pleasure, even though you have to suffer a little to achieve that state.”

So we’re going to be spanked to a state of bliss again. Even though we hate it at the start, we’ll scream when you stop before we reach the peak. Nats blushed as she stopped shaking her head, and her mother did the same on her right.

“That’s good, my helpless whores, at least you agree with your mistress.” Adele said as she went behind the ladies. “I could deal with you one at a time, but that would be unfair, so I’ll worki on making you both climax at the same time.”

“MMMGMMM!” Cried Mum, and Nats screamed through her nose as she felt the stinging impact of the brush on her bottom. It’s started already, and Mistress Adele is determined for us to reach bliss simultaneously. The two captives received five more blows each, and they squirmed as a result of the strong stinging sensation in their cheeks. As Nats writhed, the crotch-chain rubbed against her intimacy, and the vibrator caressed the inside of her flower, which increased the fire within her.

The girl sighed as her bottom was smoothed, and her mother made a similar noise which indicated that the older captive was being caressed as well. I think that this is very kinky, as it is happening to both of us at the same time. She moaned again as Adele’s fingers went between her legs and pressed on her vibrator.

The caresses stopped and Nats braced herself for the next round, knowing that it would hurt more. “MMMMMM!” Nats screamed as the brush came down hard onto her bottom, and she was echoed by her mother as her bottom was also spanked. Each captive was spanked five more times, and this was followed by another minute of smoothing.

Both of the chained ladies were writhing controllably as the feeling of lust grew in their bodies, and Nats knew that it would not be long until her desire would explode. There were two more cycles of punishment and pleasure, and the captive’s moans showed that they were on the edge of passion.

“I think that your punishment is over now, so I’ll stop.” Adele said.

Both ladies shook their heads and protested at the comment of their captor. Don’t, you’ll leave us suffering from denial! You have to finish this.

“That’s what I love to see, a pair of captives that want to have their bottoms spanked. Okay, you two are going to have very red bottoms after this, as I won’t stop until your orgasms are over.” Adele raised her hand, and then continued with the punishment.

Nats’s world became one of mixed pain and pleasure continued as the hard blows with the brush landed on her cheeks, and her struggles increased the fire in her flower. She didn’t know who screamed first, her or her mother, but it seemed that their cries of ecstasy intertwined as their captor spanked them throughout their orgasm…

The first thing that Nats noticed after her orgasm was that someone was kissing her feet. That must be Mistress Adele, unless mum has been freed. Her thought was confirmed as her mother, who was still to the right, started giggling. You must be kissing me and tickling mum at the same time. The girl felt the touch of Adele’s tongue between her toes and she squirmed as it licked into the crevices. This is a lovely way to wind down after the adventure in the pool. As her big toes were sucked, Nats emitted a loud moan and wriggled a little in her bonds. I could enjoy this all night.

After about five more minutes, Adele stopped sucking and kissing the girl’s toes, and the older captive started to moan. It seems that mum is getting some pleasure from Mistress Adele. What’s that? Nats was disquieted as there was an unusual feeling on the soles which almost seemed to be hundreds of little sticks, and then she laughed through her gag as the objects scraped slowly over the soles of her feet. It’s the hairs of the brush, you’re using it to tickle me! The bristles pressed and moved against her skin, and she squirmed in a useless attempt to escape the torment. Trying to move her soles away did nothing to stop her tickle torture, as the brush just ran over the top of her foot or over her toes. All Nats could do was alleviate the feeling in one area by presenting another part of her foot.

Just when the poor girl felt as if she couldn’t take any more punishment, the brushing stopped, and it was Mum’s turn to suffer as Nats’s toes were again kissed and sucked. I’d better enjoy this as much as possible, as I will be tormented again before long.

The pleasure and tickling was swapped between the two captives, for the next half hour, until Adele stood up and put the brush back in the bag, and took out two lengths of string. Nats felt the wrapping of the string around her big toes, and a little squeal from Mum suggested that the same had happened to the older captive.

The girl was puzzled when Adele took hold of her chains, pulled her forward several feet, and then rolled her onto her right side. What are you planning, Mistress Adele?

“Unless you two want me to chain your bodies together and have your vibrators on high, it would be best for your two to remain quiet when I remove your gags.” Adele went up to Nats, unwrapped the tape around her face and then took the ball out of the girl’s mouth.

The girl remained quiet and listened as there were similar sounds coming from behind her. Mum’s gag is being removed, but what is going to happen after that?

After another minute had passed, Adele lay on the ground facing the younger captive, but with her body lying in the opposite direction, and her feet were virtually touching Nats’s face. I’m guessing that I might have to lick your feet again, Mistress.

“You can start licking the toes in front of you.” Adele said.

The girl started to lick her captor’s toes, and she was surprised when her own toes were licked. Mum must have been placed so that her face is just in front of my toes. Nats continued to kiss, lick and suck on Adele’s toes, while her mother did the same to her. This really is great, mum is doing this to me while I’m doing it to Adele.

“That’s it, my kinky foot-lovers, carry on.” Adele said as she writhed from Nats’s attention.

It seemed to be a long time before Adele said “You can stop now.” She stood up and moved Nats so that she looked into her mother’s upside down face. Their captor moved Mum so that her feet were in front of Nats, and the girl noticed that Adele placed her feet in front of Mum’s face.

“Carry on, and don’t stop until I say so.” Nats started to kiss lick and suck her mother’s toes.

By the way Adele is moaning, my mother must be licking her toes. Nats was enjoying herself as she teased her mother’s feet, and she occasionally bit down on the big toes so that she could elicit a squeal from Mum.

This session of foot-worship continued for some time, until the woman said “It’s time to stop, as I need to get you ready for bed.”

Adele stood up and walked to the bags, opened up the second bag and unrolled a large double mattress which she placed onto the grass. “You two are going to sleep on this tonight.” She took a set of keys and a pair of sleep masks out of the bag, and unlocked the crotch and hogtie chains from the captives before removing the vibrators from their flowers. “I don’t think that you two need your sleep distracted by these, so they are no longer needed.”

Adele placed one of the sleep masks over Nats’s eyes, and the girl waited as she knew that her mother would soon be in the same situation. That will make us easier to control, but why is there no gag? There was a grip on the chest chains, the girl was lifted to her feet, and she was made to hop over to the mattress.

“I’m lowering you onto your bed. Once you are lying on your right side, do not move.” Nats was lowered onto the mattress by her captor and turned until she was on her right. “Come on Mummy, it’s your turn to lie down opposite your daughter, so you will be lying on your right as well.” There was the sound of movement, and it seemed to the girl that her mother was placed in front of her.

You haven’t gagged us or placed us with our bodies against each other. Suddenly, Nats felt something being taken through the D-ring of her collar.

“Open your mouth wide, my sultry captive.” Adele ordered.

Nats did as she was instructed, and she was shocked when she felt toes enter her mouth, which was followed by a pull on her collar and a click followed a moment later. OMG! Those are Mum’s feet! They’re in my mouth!

“Open wide, Mummy.”

Nats was caught by surprise when her own feet went into her mother’s mouth, and there was a pull on the chain around her ankles, which was accompanied by a second clicked. Mum’s ankles are chain to my neck, and my ankles to her neck! We cannot move from here, and our feet are stuck in each other’s mouth. We’re gagged with each other’s toes!

“You two look so sweet, with your forced toe-sucking. Seeing as you enjoy this so much, you may continue for the rest of the night. Sleep well.” Adele said, and Nats heard the woman walk off.

You mean it this time. We are going to have to spend the night outside like this. Nats tried to rest as best as she could, knowing that getting to sleep with her mother’s toes in her mouth was not going to be easy…

The Blond, The Bitch, and The Wardrobe Part 35

Nats dozed on the grass in the garden, until there was a touch on her ankles as her cuffs were removed. “You are going to stand up, be mindful that I will punish you if you try to escape.”

Escape? I cannot escape as I am unable to see or touch, and I will most likely fall over if I try to run away. The girl felt the hands of the captor on her body, lifting her up until she could support herself on her own two feet. You’ll probably make me walk to the pool like this and chain me up further once we get there. Wait, what’s that? She gasped as a cylindrical object was inserted into her flower, but she recognised it as a vibrator. It’s probably the same one as before. The coldness of another thin chain ran from her wrists, between her legs, over the waist chain at the front, back between the legs, and ended at her wrists. The clicking of a padlock followed and she knew that the vibrator would be held in by her crotch chain.

That would save my mistress from putting it in later, and I think that it’s time for a little walk. There was another click at Nats’s neck, and she knew that it was time to move as the lead tugged at her in a particular direction. I have no choice but to walk behind you, Mistress Adele.

The captive walked slowly and steadily until there was no further pull on her neck and the lead was unclipped. “Put you legs together, slut.” Nats did so and a cold chain was wrapped five times around her legs, just below her knees. Two loops were taken between her legs which tightened the chain, and a padlock secured the restraint in place. Another chain was wrapped around Nat’s ankles, but the girl noticed that the links were larger and heavier than the ones below her knees, and the chain bit into her ankles as it was pulled tight and locked.

Nats’s blindfold tape was removed and she saw that the deep end of the swimming pool was only about a foot away. As she looked down, she noticed that the chain around her ankles looked very heavy and there were quite a few loops, presumably to add extra weight. They look heavy enough to counteract any buoyancy that might be provided by our bodies. I think that Mistress Adele has learnt since yesterday’s session, as I wasn’t heavy enough.

There was a moan from her right, so Nats turned her head to see what was happening. Adele had gently embraced her mother who was still blindfolded, and the helpless woman was enjoying the attention blindfolded as her captor gently kissed her on the neck. Mum was bound in the same way as her daughter, and Adele was dressed in the same swimsuit as she had worn yesterday. I fell sorry for you, mum, at least I have an idea of what is to come.

Mum’s breasts were softly caressed as Adele whispered sweet nothings into her ear. “You are such a sexy woman, and it is an honour to pleasure you. It’s a pity that you do not know what is going to happen next.” Mum made a quizzical sound in response to Adele’s comment, so she was made to shuffle closer to the pool. “I don’t think that you have had enough exercise, so I think that it’s time for you to work those muscles of yours.”

Adele removed the tape that covered Mum’s eyes, and the daughter could see the shock grow on her mother’s face as the woman saw the swimming pool in front of her. “Yes, mummy dearest, you are about to go swimming.” Mum shook her head and protested as much as she could, given that her mouth was sealed. Adele stroked her head and said “There is one way that you could avoid ending up in the swimming pool.”

Mum nodded her head at this, looking relieved. “If you wish to avoid ending up in the water, you have to make love to your daughter.”

Mum looked even more shocked than she did before, and shook her head furiously at this offer. “You must want to end up in the water then, seeing as you don’t want the other option.”

Mum shook her head again, not wanting either option. “Poor mummy, stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. I’ll relent then, and pleasure you, but first I need to start your daughter’s tormentor.” Adele went behind Nats and switched her vibrator on medium before returning her attention to the girl’s mother. Mum’s vibrator was also switched on medium, and the captor continued in the seduction of the older captive.

After a few more minutes, as Mum’s mound was caressed by her captor, the woman said “You know that I said I would relent, after you answered no to both options.”

Mum nodded. “I lied.” Adele said and she pushed the older captive into the water.

The woman screamed for a split-second as she fell, but this was cut off as the water covered her head and Nats trembled as she watched her mother struggle as she sank to the bottom of the pool. “She’ll be okay, my slutty slave, so long as you keep watching. Take you eyes of your mummy and she could be in real trouble.”

A few seconds later, a group of bubbles rose to the surface, and Adele said “I think your mummy needs help now.”

The woman dived into the water and quickly swam down to mum, took hold of her chains and swam up to the surface. Mum spluttered through her nose and sobbed as Adele held her head above the water.

“This is your own fault, mummy. Had you chosen to take advantage of your daughter you wouldn’t have to suffer this, but I suppose that there was no other choice that you could made. You do need to take some deep breaths though.”

Mum struggled for a second but then stopped as her captor let go of her for a moment. “Fighting against me would be really bad for you, because if I let go, you will just sink.” Adele kissed and caressed Nats mother, and the woman was moaning and writhing, even though she was in peril as well.

OMG, is mum turned on by this situation as well? I thought that I was the only one.

The woman smiled and said to the girl’s mother. “You should take a deep breath and hold it now.”

Mum inhaled a deep breath, and started to struggle as her captor released her. Even though she kicked as hard as possible, this did nothing to prevent her sinking as the water closed over her head. The girl watched in horror as her mother reached the bottom of the pool, but she also moaned as the surreal scene had an effect on her which was amplified by the buzzing vibrator inside her.

This device is getting me more aroused by the minute, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

A rush of bubbles to the surface prompted Adele to dive down to the helpless woman, and in a few seconds the captive was back on the surface, begging and pleading with her captor. “You know that isn’t going to work my dear, so why do you try it. I must say that your struggles are an incredible turn on as you fight for your freedom. I may even forget to bring you back up.” The woman was kissing Mum’s neck, and her right hand was caressing the captive’s flower, feeding her lust and taking her closer to fulfilment.

The kisses and caresses of the helpless woman continued until her body trembled from her approaching bliss. Adele waited until the woman was on the edge, and then placed a nose plug on the captive as her body went into convulsions before letting go of her. Mum sank to the bottom of the pool in the throes of orgasm, completely helpless as the thrill of danger added to her ecstasy.

The captive’s convulsions turned into normal struggles as the reality of her situation sunk in, and Adele dived down so that the woman could be brought to the surface. The nose plug was removed, and Mum was able to breathe fresh air again as Adele switched off her vibrator. “You looked very cute, enjoying your first water bondage orgasm.”

Mum blushed at this as her captor held on to her, and the captive was pulled to the side, half way down the pool where she was placed with her chin above the side so that her head could remain above the water. By this time, Nats was writing and moaning from the torment of her valley by the vibrator, and Adele went behind her after she left the pool.

The mistress cradled the younger captive in her arms as she kissed the girl on the neck. “It really does feel as if your insides are going to explode from pleasure, my kinky captive.” The girl moaned even more as her mistress caressed her mound and flower, even though she knew what fate awaited her.

It feels so good, but I’m going to end up in the water and I will be struggling for my life. The worse thing about that though, is that it will only add to my overall experience. Nats took quick, deep breaths, hoping that she could build enough oxygen in her bloodstream, before she was forced to take a trip to the bottom of the pool.

The kisses and caresses were faster and the girl felt as if she was on the edge of joy. Yes, just a little more. Nats was caught by surprise as the plug was placed over her nose and she was pushed unceremoniously into the pool, but this served only to bring her to orgasm and she squirmed and shook in her bliss as she sank.

The fact that her chest was heaving brought the girl out of her reverie, and she struggled in panic as she realised the danger that she was in. As she started to feel dizzy from lack of oxygen, a hand took hold of her chains and she was propelled to the surface. The plug was removed, and the captive breathed deeply, enjoying the feel of fresh air in her lungs, and her device was also deactivated.

Adele took Nats over to the side of the pool and placed the girl so that her chin was on the tiles, and then her mother was placed to her left which left the two captives having to support themselves on the side. “You two slaves need to remain like this, unless you want to end up underwater right now.”

The girl concentrated on forcing her head forward so that her purchase on the side remained secure. “That’s good slave, stay like that and you won’t fall in.” Adele swam to the side of the pool, lifted herself out, and she picked up a large black bag before depositing it at the side of the pool to the left of the girl’s mother. The woman climbed back into the pool and Nats heard a surprised sound from her mother which was followed by worried noises.

What are you doing to my mum? Nats heard the sound of Adele swimming through the water and she yelped into her gag as the woman took hold of her ankles and took them up to her bottom. It felt as if an item was taken around her wrists and ankles, and her fear rose when the captor let go of her body and the girl discovered that she was unable to straighten her legs.

I’m hogtied! I’m not only helpless and having to support myself on the edge of the pool, but you’ve hogtied me as well. I can’t even turn my head in this position to see what you are up to, because I’ll sink if I do. There was another noise from her mother, but the younger captive had to avoid looking because she may end up at the bottom of the pool. It wasn’t long before to more items were connected to Nats, one at her knees, and the other to the chest chains at her back.

“Now, my cute captives, you must be wondering what I have done apart from hogtying you. There is a kettlebell locked to your knees and a float attached to your back. This is to ensure that my sweet slaves will be straight upright when I put them at the bottom of the pool.”

Nats could hear whimpering sounds from her mother as Adele described this. You can’t be planning to dispose of us now?

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to get rid of you. It may get a little scary, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle.” Nats felt her captor behind her, a pair of swimming goggles were placed over her eyes, and the same happened to her mother.

“It’s time for your hogtie swimming lessons, ladies.” Nats squealed as a hand took hold of her chest chain, and the unfortunate girl was pulled away from the side which caused her to sink immediately.

As the girl struggled helplessly, she looked to her left and discovered that her mother was in the same predicament that she was. You’ve dragged us bout under that water at once. What if we both need air at the same time? She looked up and realised that the surface was just inches above her head. That’s worse than if we were at the deep end. The surface of the pool is so close, but it might as well be a million miles away.

The captive’s struggles grew stronger as her chest heaved, and she looked at her mother who was panicking in her bonds as her lungs emptied. Adele took hold of the woman and took her to the surface as Nats felt as if her own lungs would burst. A few seconds later, the girl exhaled and she was relieved when her captor took her head out of the water, and placed her head so that her chin could rest on the side.

As Nats brought her breathing back under control, she could hear worried sounds from her mother to the left. I think that there will be a lot more of this to go. This continued with the ladies spending almost as much time under the water as they did with their heads at the side.

“I’m going to give you a five minute break while I prepare something even more special for you.” Nats squealed as Adele took hold of her, but she was relieved when her captor kept her head above the water and took her to the shallow end of the pool. The girl was released and she was thankful that her nose was just above the waterline, and as she turned her head the captive watched as her mistress swam towards the older woman. Adele took hold of her and brought her to the shallowest part of the pool as well, so that the two captives were facing each other. The singer then swam to the side and left the pool before walking in the direction of the house.

We can’t do anything but just stay still, because any struggling will disrupt the water and we may not be able to breathe. I wonder what Mistress Adele has in store for us next, but I doubt that it’ll be anything nice. The two helpless females kept still in their upright hogtie position as they attempted to relax.

The time passed all too quickly, and Nats looked at her captor as she approached the pool with two flexible tubes under her arm. I hope that she isn’t going to use those on us in a kinky way.

The woman put the items on the shallow end of the pool and she gently slid into the water, attempting to disturb the water as little as possible. She took hold of one of the tubes and slowly walked up to Nats who noticed that it was a kind of snorkel.

There are floats on one end, with a flexible joint so that it won’t be twisted under the surface. The other end with the clips and the elastic band must be for my nose. Adele positioned one end over the girl’s nose, securing it with the band and the other end was placed so that it floated on the surface of the pool. Nats found that she could breathe relatively easily through the tube, and she looked on as the other snorkel was placed on her mother.

I can only guess that we will be underwater for a while, as I can think of no other reason why we would be forced to wear these.

“It’s time for you two to enjoy a little underwater fun.” Adele said as she took hold of her captives and pulled them into deeper water so that the surface of the pool was just above their heads. Nats yelped as she felt her captor’s hand reached between her legs and switched the vibrator up to medium, and she watched as the woman swam over to her mother, who started to writhe as her device was activated as well.

Adele caressed Mum’s breasts and intimacy, and it wasn’t long before the helpless woman went into convulsions from the bliss of orgasm. Nats knew that it was her turn next, as her captor returned to tease her. The touches on the most erotic parts of her body soon propelled the helpless girl into the heights of joy, and for a while she was aware of nothing else.

When she roused herself from her reverie, she was puzzled as to why her mother was struggling against her bonds. Adele took hold of Nats, lifted her head above the surface, and the captive was worried by the smile that she saw.

“You have one of two choices, slave. If you reject the first, then I will impose the second.” Adele said to the worried girl. “Will you make love to your mother?”

Nats shook her head furiously at this. You know that I cannot make that choice, as it is a taboo that I cannot break.

Adele shook her head. “Then I must subject you to the second option. You are to stay in the pool until tomorrow morning, and I will set your vibrators to maximum before I go. I hope that you enjoy your night underwater.”

The captor release the scared girl and she struggled as the bottom of the pool was reached. Now I know why mum is struggling as well, Mistress Adele must have offered her the same choice. She cried out as the button on her vibrator was pressed again which took it to the highest speed, and Mum was tormented as Adele changed the setting of her little torturer.

You can’t leave us like this, please! Nats watched as the woman swam to the side of the pool and left, and her fear rose along with her arousal as she knew that the two captives were alone. This must be the aquatic version of being buried alive! You can’t be serious about leaving us like this.

It wasn’t long before the girl orgasmed again, and she knew that this could be a very long night…